An integral part of a well-earned business is Facebook Business Manager, which will help you increase conversions, reach and gain leads. The main purpose of this tool is to help advertisers with the integration of marketing activities, simply put, it is an ideal place to manage your ads and marketing on Facebook.

Whether you manage it yourself or find an external partner is up to you. If you decide for a partner, we have prepared an article for you on how to add a partner to your Facebook Business Manager – instructions.

If you have been hesitant so far whether Business Manager is the right choice or you did not know how to create it, we offer you a comprehensive and clear guide to its basic establishment.

1. You must first log in to using your Facebook account.

Then click Create Account.

2. In the next step, you must fill in the name of your company and account, which should match. Then fill in your name and company e-mail.

3. Then fill in the details of your company, namely the country, address of your company, website and whether you promote goods or provide services to other companies.

4. And it is! All you have to do is click on the link that came to your e-mail to gain complete access to your Business Manager.

At first, you may get lost in this tool because it offers a lot of features, but it just takes time and practice and you get into it because this tool is a great helper for marketing strategies. Kicking a business in the right form is a fundamental step for any successful company.


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