Can’t advise on how to add someone as your Business Manager partner? Never mind, we will help you with that easily and quickly!

Your external partners, with whom you work, whether they create ads or completely manage social networks, join us as partners. So these are marketing specialists, digital agencies and the like.

If you already have an established Business Manager, it will take you a while, but if you need advice with the establishment, we offer our article How to create a Facebook Business Manager.

Detailed and simple instructions on how to add a partner to Business Manager

1. First you need to go to your Business Manager and open the company settings.

2. In the company settings, click on the Partners item and then on the Add item in this folder, where it is necessary to enter the ID of your partner, which he must provide you with.

3. After entering the ID, press the Next button and then set what you want your partner to allow. This is most common in the Sites section – allow ads to be added in the right-hand column and in the Ads section – enable campaign management in the right-hand column.

4. After completing these steps, just click the Save Changes button and your partner will be added.

People or digital agencies who manage your ads are usually added as partners, so this process will definitely help you if you want to get the marketing of your site up and running. 🙂

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